Hey there! If you are stumbling on this page, this means you are curious to know who the hell we are?
So here is our story! We are simply confused human who keeps zillion thoughts in our mind, and sometimes when we speak out, it’s always a foot-in-the-mouth situation! Then we realized – Why keeping all our foot in mouth statements in the mind? Wear them!
We feel that we must express ourselves in all the ways we can and speak our mind whenever we can. In doing so, you may find little resistance, but at least you can become who you really are. So, stop worrying about what others think. Wear the heart on sleeves, and display mind over tees.
We are small team of creators who research and day and night to create amd develope Cool Printed Tees, Hoodies, Stationery and Awesome Fashion Clothing all at one place.
For any queries visit https://theteelyfe.com/contact-us. We do not have a phone number, and will never ask you to share OTPs, PIN, or sensitive account information on the phone.

💓 TheTeeLyfe